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Custom iron is an elegant addition to landscape design. It can be used in an elegant but functional way. Custom iron makes a strong statement when used as a garden gate, a grill insert in a fence, a balcony railing or an impressive front door. As decoration, it can accent porch columns, showcase an outdoor water fountain and adorn a garden gazebo.

You will find a remarkable variety of artistic motifs done in decorative iron, from the refined figuration of the Renaissance to the sensual and sinuous designs of Art Nouveau. Both intricate and graceful, it creates an eloquent vocabulary in your landscape and expresses our individuality.

In its functional usage, decorative iron is most often used for security and privacy. In fact, there are those design professionals who believe that, because it is a strong material, it works best where it displays its intrinsic strength.

Ornamental iron fences, driveway gates or window balconies are just a few of iron's utilitarian purposes. The beauty of iron, however, is that by adding the small decorative details, such as dainty flowers or pleasing trefoils, the ordinary and practical become extraordinary.

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